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Ever wished you could use your credit card for large payments such as rent, insurance premiums and your child’s school fees? Payment for such services typically cost a few thousand dollars, and by not being able to pay with your credit card, you lose out on the potential miles, points or cashback that you should be rewarded with for any credit card payments.

CardUp was created to solve this problem; and you don’t even need your recipients to register for an account. We do the back-end work so you enjoy the benefits!

Other than earning rewards from your credit card spend, we bring exclusive offers and benefits from brands that are relevant to you. Here are just some of the offers you can enjoy from our valued partners when you sign up for a CardUp account now:

1. honestbee

honestbee has become a familiar household name in Singapore. Busy executives no longer need to make a rush for the supermarket after office hours to buy their weekly groceries. One of the greatest benefits of honestbee is that your orders are handpicked by concierge shoppers who are trained to pick the freshest products, look out for expiration dates and suggest suitable substitutes.

To ensure freshness, honestbee does not stockpile food in warehouses and delivers straight from your favourite stores instead. With their growing popularity, they have even included a wider range of shops that sell goods imported from overseas (best for expats missing home products!), wine for that party you are hosting, as well as pet-related items and home DIY needs.

CardUp customers enjoy $20 off with a new honestbee account sign-up.

2. FIX8

Having a choked drainage issue and not sure how to fix it or who to approach? FIX8 is the home services assistant everyone needs to help solve the problem of poor-quality home service providers. Many Singapore households face the problem of not knowing who to approach when they need home services, or how to ensure that the service provider does a good job without overcharging. FIX8 is out to solve that problem.

More than just a platform that aggregates various home services, FIX8 is a curated concierge service that ensures listed service providers are well-qualified, fit your busy schedule and budget, and even offers a warranty on the services provided. To ensure that standards are up to mark, payments are released only upon your satisfaction. Not only do you save time, you also get reliable service at your convenience.

CardUp customers enjoy $10 off your first FIX8 order.

3. Averspace

Whether you are tenant or landlord, you would have encountered the cumbersome process of signing a tenancy contract. Not only do you need to fix an appointment time that’s probably during your lunch time or on a weekend, you also need to set up the appointment at a place convenient for both. This turns the simple act of signing a contract that usually requires just 5 minutes into an affair that could take more than an hour or two.

Averspace seeks to allow homeowners and tenants to complete a digital rental transaction in four simple steps. You can now sign the contract digitally using blockchain technology. Not only does it remove the hassle of additional legal work and paper records, a digital contrct is just as valid as a traditional contract as well. This also means that Singaporeans located overseas can list your house for rent even when you are not physically here. Digital contracts save you time, paper and the hassle of going through a third party.

CardUp customers get to enjoy free use of Averspace’s digital rental contracts and e-signing features now.

At CardUp, we seek to bring you convenience while helping you reap rewards from your credit card spend. We also bring you exclusive offers from brands that are relevant to you. Sign up today and start saving with these special offers featured above!

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