Take advantage of your cashback card with this New Year Promotion

Previously, we shared with you the best miles cards to use with our New Year Promotion which could get you a free return ticket to Bali. For those with cashback cards, or looking for direct savings on your monthly big payments, here’s one for you!

How to maximise cash savings with our New Year Promotion?

Combine our $0 fee promotion with the right cashback card and you could be saving up to $300 on your big expenses like rent, insurance premiums or school fees!

If you’re planning to make a credit card switch, we’ve done all the analysis for you to maximise your cashback! Here’re 3 great cashback credit cards that work best with this promotion:

How much are you spending?Cashback Credit CardCashback earned
At least $1,400 on your first CardUp paymentDBS Live Fresh Card – 5% cashback$70 cashback (monthly cashback cap on this card)
5 transactions in any given month, including your first CardUp payment, totalling at least $2,000. For the next 2 months, charge another $2,000 per month over 5 transactionsUOB One Card – Up to 5% cashbackA total of $300 cashback for those 3 months (quarterly cashback cap on this card)

*Please refer to the respective credit card’s website for full terms and conditions on the cashback earned.

Switch your big payments from cheque, cash or bank transfer to your cashback card and start saving! Not only that, you can also set up recurring payments on CardUp so you never have to worry about missing a payment. Try it out for yourself!

For the best miles credit cards to use for this promotion, click on this link.

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