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CardUp Blog: Productivity (3)


Top 3 challenges faced by emerging Fintechs in Asia

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How Standing Sushi Bar uses CardUp to optimise cashflow

Meet Standing Sushi Bar, a popular Japanese restaurant chain in Singapore. Standing Sushi Bar is amongst the multiple food and beverage concepts (Tanuki Raw, The World Is Flat,..

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Credit cards: The smarter way to do payroll

Everyone loves it when payday comes around. What’s not to like? Your salary’s in, it’s time for that fancy meal or that pair of shoes you’ve dreamt about for the past month...

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An A-to-Z checklist for F&B working capital management

Many businesses fail because of cash flow issues, and this is something that affects F&B establishments all too often. By staying on top of your finances – both on the payables..

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How tech is changing day-to-day restaurant operations

In today’s world, technology drives everything – from shopping to ride-hailing, from grabbing a bite to planning a vacation. Access to just about everything is in the palm of..

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Scheduling Next Day payments on CardUp

Time is every business owner’s most valuable resource.

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