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4 genius ways to make your home a cash cow!

The CardUp Team Feb 20, 2017 12:58:23 PM

If you are lamenting about how much you’re spending on your home, here’s the great news! You can earn money out of your home, without needing to sell it, or spend hours of hard work on it. Here’re 4 genius ways to do that!

 1. Rent your home as a home studio

Have you ever watched dramas, movies or even variety shows that were filmed in real houses? These homes are usually rented by production companies for use as their filming locations. So, if you’re a lucky homeowner, you will not only get to meet celebrities, but can also make your home a cash cow by letting production companies film at your home. Of course, the amount you can make varies according to how long they need to be filming in your home, whether it’s filming inside or outdoors, and your home’s “valuation” (e.g. location, interior/exterior design, size).



If you’re wondering how you can get your home noticed, check out how this home got so popular that it not only got a local television program featuring it, but even had brides and grooms taking their wedding shots there!


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2. Rent your home on a long term basis

For those who want a stable rental income or are living in a HDB flat which can’t be sublet out for a short duration, why not rent out your home on a long term basis! If you are looking for property agents to help you with this, there’s, one of Asia’s biggest property listing website, to help you find a suitable agent from various real estate agencies, and also get your home listed on their platform. helps you rent, sell and invest your properties easily


3. Sell your old items away

Now, here’s a smart way to start your own home retail business, without stepping out of your home. If you have a pile of forgotten items that are still usable but are just collecting dust in some corners of your home, why not sell them away on platforms like Carousell. Not only can you earn money off these forgotten items, but you are also clearing up more space at home, while still passing the items on to someone who needs it more. That’s a super win-win for everyone!

Sell your pre-loved items that you no longer need on Carousell! Image Credit: Carousell

4. Earn rewards off your bills and expenses

You know how you get cashback, miles or points when you spend on your daily expenses with your credit cards? Now you can get the same rewards for your big ticket home-related expenses too. With CardUp's online payments platform, you can now make payments like rent and condo maintenance fees with your existing credit cards – even if the recipient doesn’t take cards! And the best part is, CardUp lets you split your payments over different cards. Which means you can now earn credit card rewards the way you want it, simply by switching these big payments from bank transfer or cheque to your favourite credit card(s)!

What’s more, CardUp allows you to set up recurring payments so you never miss a payment deadline again! All without your payee needing to do a single thing; they won’t even need to sign up for a CardUp account. Plus, you can also pay your kid’s school fees and insurance premiums with your credit card via CardUp, and very soon you can start paying for your income tax and even season car parking too. Start earning miles, points & cash back from your home payments now!

Now, isn’t it exciting to start earning money from your home? Hurry, don’t just keep spending, make your home your income source as well!



This post was first published on Nestr, a home renovation platform that uses analytics to find you your best renovators, so you can design your home the way you love it.


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