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Pay your 2022 property tax with your credit card

The CardUp Team Jan 1, 2022 1:59:00 PM
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It’s the start of the year again, and it can only mean two things — you've just drawn up list of personal finance resolutions, and if you own a property, your property tax is about to be due soon. 

Property tax is a tax on property ownership, and applies to you regardless if your property is occupied, rented out, or left vacant. You will receive this tax bill every end of the year, and payment is due on every 31st of January.



Save big on your 2022 property tax payment with these offers

You can now earn credit card rewards on your property tax payment when you pay through CardUp. 


Promo Fees Promo code Applicable for

1.7% (u.p.2.6.%)


New users with DBS/POSB credit cards. T&Cs apply.

2.25% (u.p.2.6.%)


New and existing users. T&Cs apply.


Ready to redeem the offers and earn credit card rewards on your property tax payments?

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Benefits of paying your property tax by credit card via CardUp

As with every tax bill, it is not a payment that all of us look forward to. But also, as with every tax bill (income tax and stamp duty included), your property tax can be shifted onto your credit card through CardUp!

If your list of resolutions include spending more smartly this year, here's how CardUp can help you kill two birds with one stone by letting you earn rewards and save on your property tax payment.


Offer: Enjoy fees as low as 1.7% on your 2022 property tax payment >


✈️ Scenario 1: If you use an air miles card

While simply putting your property tax payments on your credit card might not earn you sufficient air miles for most flights, combining them with other payments might just earn you a luxurious flight out!

For example, if you have an Annual Value of $38,000, your property tax will be:

First S$8,000 @ 0% S$0
Next S$30,000 @ 4% S$1,200
Total property tax payable S$1,200


By combining your tax bill with other CardUp spend, here's how many air miles you could earn in a year:

Payment type Annual spend CardUp fee (2.25% per transaction) Earn (1.4 miles per dollar)
Property tax S$1,200 S$1,479.60 per year

94,135 air miles

Worth S$4,000 when redeemed for a return business class flight to Tokyo, Japan!

Income Tax S$5,000
Insurance premiums S$15,000
Rent S$26,760
Education fees S$8,600
Helper salary S$7,200
Electricity bills S$2,000
Total S$65,760


In the example above, you're able to earn sufficient air miles to fly to Tokyo, Japan on Business Class (worth about $4,000), while paying just approximately $1,480 in fees — that's almost 63% in savings!


💰 Scenario 2: If you use a cashback card

Similarly, you can also use a cashback card to get additional savings on your tax bill. One of the most popular cashback cards in the market is the UOB One Card, which gives you up to 5% cashback on all expenses, including CardUp spend!

By working in your property tax payment smartly into your payment schedules, you'll be able to save 5% on this payment — not bad for a tax bill! 


How to pay property tax through CardUp:

  1. Sign up for a free CardUp account or log in
  2. Schedule a payment
    Select Property Tax under the Taxes & Stamp Duty payment category

  3. Fill in the payment amount
    Select IRAS as your recipient and fill in the payment amount. The amount should match the outstanding balance as shown in your property tax bill.
    *Do note that you can only set up a one-off property tax payment to the tax authorities via CardUp each year! 

  4. Select payment due date

  5. Upload documents
    Prepare an up-to-date copy of your Statement of Account, showing your name, NRIC, property tax reference number, outstanding balance and date of outstanding balance for us to verify your payment.

  6. Make payment
    Select your credit card, review, confirm your payment, and you're good to go! 


As we slowly creep towards the 31st January tax bill due date — do remember to schedule your property tax payments at least 3 days in advance to allow for the payments to reach the tax authorities on time! 

Sign up for free here



How is property tax calculated?

How much property tax you pay each year is based on your home’s Annual Value. This Annual Value is defined as:

  • The estimated gross annual rent of your property
  • This is not including furniture, furnishings and general maintenance costs

The Annual Value may change every year as rental prices swing up and down, but rest assured that when this happens, the tax authorities will send out a note to notify you of any changes. 

In any case, you can also log in to myTax Portal any time to check your property’s Annual Value. There is also a handy calculator here where you can plug in your Annual Value to calculate how much property tax you will be paying.

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