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How to quickly rack up air miles with your credit card in Singapore

CardUp admin Jun 30, 2017 5:05:10 PM
How to quickly rack up air miles with your credit card in Singapore

Collecting vast amounts of air miles is undeniably a valued perk of credit card spending. With the right card, securing free flights and upgrades can be a cinch. But what about the times you’re making big monthly payments (think rent, school fees, insurance, tax and more) and are missing out on rewards because the recipient doesn’t accept credit cards?

Not only does CardUp provide a solution to this problem, by signing up you’ll also gain access to a whole host of additional perks and benefits that will save you money in the long term.


Pay rent, insurance and more using your credit card

Start using CardUp for regular, large monthly payments and you’ll quickly see your air miles tally rocket. If jetsetting is a priority, be sure to utilise credit cards that offer the best dollar to mile ratio. We’ve searched the market and there are cards that offer a generous 1.4 to 1.6 miles per dollar uncapped. Some credit cards even have exclusive sign up deals with partners — such as $100 in Takashimaya vouchers on GoBear.


Rent payment $1,000
CardUp fee $26
Miles you can earn Up to 1,640 miles


In other words, for a $1,000 rent payment, you can be earning up to 1,640 miles at a cost of only $26 in CardUp fees, since your rent is an expense you’re already paying for today and getting no rewards on! And at that rate, you’ll quickly rack up enough air miles to open up a world of travel opportunities.


Expenses you can now pay using your credit card on CardUp

  1. Rent and rental deposit
  2. Insurance
  3. Education fees
  4. Car loans
  5. Season parking
  6. Electricity bills
  7. Helper salary
  8. Property tax
  9. Stamp duty, and more...


Example: How to earn Krisflyer miles quickly

Credit card earning 1.4 miles per dollar

Monthly expenses $5,000
Monthly CardUp fee $130
Miles you can earn in a year 86,100 Krisflyer miles


Here’s an example: if you spend $5,000 per month through CardUp using a 1.4 miles per dollar card (plus a 2.6% monthly fee of $130), within a year you’ll accrue 86,100 Krisflyer miles: enough for a business class return ticket to Japan worth $4,000! Though CardUp charges a fee, it is quickly outweighed by the amount you’d be saving on your next flight.

Still need convincing? Let us talk you through the logic here. While you’re at it, have a play with our handy air miles calculator to discover how quickly you can accrue enough miles to secure a free flight for your next big trip. Sign up for the best credit card that earns you the most air miles, and earn exclusive rewards only with GoBear.


Learn more about our 2.25% fees


But that’s not the only way to save, here are 5 other ways to most of your earnings using CardUp.


5 other ways to make the most out of your credit card rewards 

1. Consider cashback cards

If you haven’t explored cashback credit cards then you’re missing out! Read our guide to the best cashback cards to use with CardUp and start saving now. You can also split your payments over different cards which makes it possible to save an extra $1,000 annually.


2. Schedule recurring payments and save time each month

Time is money: save yours. Do you have monthly payments to make? All you need to do is log in to CardUp once and you can schedule all your recurring payments at one go – it will take you less than 5 minutes. No longer will you have to manually transfer funds or write cheques. We’ll worry about getting your payments processed on time, so you don’t have to.


3. Enjoy our partner offers

By signing up to CardUp you’ll also unlock discounts and benefits that are tailored specifically for you through our ongoing partnerships. Enjoy offers on your groceries, delivery or home fixing services and more from our partner brands by subscribing to our newsletter!


4. Turn your home into a cash cow

Read this quick guide advising how you can turn your home into a cash cow. In particular, by making your rental and bill payments through CardUp you’ll be able to reap rewards on big monthly payments that you’d otherwise miss out on.


5. Get access to our latest promos

We run many discounted fee offers and flash sales. When you sign up, you’ll be the first to know when we run our next promotion – that means generating even more miles at no or low cost! What are you waiting for?


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