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Travel with class – Fly business class at just a small top-up!

The CardUp Team May 10, 2024 4:18:47 PM
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You are running late and still waiting in the queue to get your luggage checked in for a flight to Hong Kong. You can’t help but notice the counter beside you where the lines are almost non-existent. The staff and passengers seem so relaxed and you wonder: “How does it feel to fly in business class?”

Who wouldn’t love to get priority check-in at the boarding gate, and settle themselves in one of those fancy VIP lounges while waiting to board? Who wouldn’t enjoy flying in comfortable seats that fully recline, and savouring a lavish dining experience, all while cruising at a comfortable 30,000 feet?

While travel is now more accessible than ever, flying in business class continues to remain an exclusive experience for those who can afford the exorbitant fee, or so it used to be.

How can I fly business class at just a small top-up from economy?

First and foremost, it is definitely cheaper to use air miles to redeem a business class flight compared to purchasing the tickets off the airline carriers directly. You’d typically earn these air miles on your credit cards for day-to-day spending, such as dining, shopping, entertainment and transport, racking up these miles by the month.

CardUp then helps you earn air miles at an even faster rate – by enabling the payment of big expenses with your favourite air miles cards, even where cards are not accepted. This means you are able to shift these cash, cheque and bank transfer payments onto credit card:

This helps bring business class luxury and convenience to the common traveller by enabling users to earn even more rewards on their existing credit cards. For example, if you’re paying a total of $5,480 monthly for your rent, insurance and taxes, by putting these expenses on an air miles card that earns you 1.4 miles per dollar, you could easily be earning more than 94,000 miles more each year!

Fly business class for less!

How does CardUp help me fly for less?

While CardUp has a 2.25% processing fee per transaction, the amount of air miles you earn on these inevitable transactions – otherwise not payable by card – easily outweigh this cost.


Turn tax bills into air miles!

For example, an economy class return ticket from Singapore to Japan on Singapore Airlines can cost you around $1,400 during peak season. Now, if you use CardUp to make all the regular monthly payments that you are already paying for and hit $5,480 worth of expenses monthly, you can earn enough air miles to redeem for the same flight in business class by the end of the year. All this at a cost of just 2.25% of your annual expenses, or $1,480 - about the same price as flying economy! 

Travel with class BP Table1


So why, exactly, do you want to fly business class over the economy?


Enjoy the luxurious seats


We’ve all been assigned to the dreaded middle seat in economy class. After finally shoving your carry-on case into the overhead bin, you then have to sandwich yourself into the tiny, and not to mention uncomfortable, seat between two strangers who have each decided to claim your shared armrests. Finally, the plane reaches altitude, the seatbelt sign goes off and the meal service begins. Just as you are about to partake in your highly processed, sodium-packed meal, the passenger in front of you very inconsiderately reclines his seat, causing your meal to end up on your lap, instead of inside your belly.

One of the things that make business class so enviable and better than economy class are the seats. The large, luxurious seat is surrounded by the ultimate commodity – space. You’ll have your armrests all to yourself, and the leg room to comfortably stretch your legs without the worry of a tray attack by the seat in front of you. Each seat is fitted with a private entertainment screen so you can binge-watch your favourite shows in privacy. If sleep is what you desire, unlike in economy class, each business class seat usually comes with better amenities like duvets, full-sized pillows, and socks to keep you comfy and warm!


Get exclusive lounge access


Travelling isn’t only about the flight. Flying business class over economy class makes the time spent waiting to board your flight, or even during layovers, pleasant and enjoyable, too. Your business class ticket is also your ticket to complimentary access to your airline’s lounge – where you can just sit back and relax in style, with some light snacks or your favourite cocktail. Some lounges are even equipped with showers so you can freshen up before your next flight.

These lounges are staffed by trained service staff who will make sure that you have a comfortable stay and that you don’t miss your next flight. Comparing this to waiting at crowded boarding gates or airport cafes – isn’t lounge access far more desired?


Feast on the excellent food


Imagine dining in a fancy restaurant at 30,000 feet. No more flimsy cutlery for you, when you fly business class. For starters, you get to choose from a wide variety of appetisers. Usually, your main course will also be pre-ordered before you board and will be prepared for you by a trained chef.

When it comes to drinks, you can choose from cocktails, champagne, and vintage wines. If you are on an overnight flight, you can expect to awaken to the enticing smells of freshly brewed coffee and breakfast, instead of the jostling by the passenger next to you.


An unforgettable world-class experience


Flying business class is an incredible experience. They say once you fly business class, you don’t ever want to go back (to economy class). The perks start the moment you check in with your luggage and it doesn’t end until you arrive at your destination. Unlike flying in economy, cruising in business class also gives you luxurious comfort and, possibly, a good night’s sleep, leaving you well rested and ready to enjoy your new destination from the get-go.



You’ve put in your best efforts at work, and a relaxing vacation is fully well-deserved. So, next time you fly, you can kiss the hassle of flying in economy goodbye and fly business class for just a small top up from the price of economy.

Check out the CardUp benefits calculator to see the dream destinations your expenses can bring you.  Sign up with CardUp today and start travelling with class.

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