CardUp started in 2016 with the vision of enabling you, our users, to shift your large, recurring payments onto your favourite credit cards.

Over the years, we’ve focused on improving our platform and your experience, and have since developed many new product features and supported new payment types. These improvements include next-day payment options, developing features specially for Business users, as well as supporting payments types such as stamp duty, helper salary, electricity and more! 

While the feedback we’ve constantly received from you has been excellent, we also realise that one ongoing question has always been around pricing. 


CardUp 2.25% fee for all personal rent, insurance, school fees, helper salary, mcst condo fee, income tax, car loan, season parking payments

Lowered fees for your personal payments

For CardUp to enable credit card payments in categories where cards are not accepted, a processing fee is charged on each transaction. This fee covers the costs we incur, consisting of the processing fees for the different parties responsible in enabling your card payments – the payment processing bank, the credit card issuer, the payment processing gateway, and so on. This fee has been kept low so you can earn the most rewards possible.

We’d love for you to get even more rewards (and fly business class for less) on these payments – we’re excited to share that we’re offering discounted fees on all personal user payments! 

Instead of the usual 2.6% per transaction, we’ll be reducing it to just 2.25% per transaction until 31 December 2021.


> Get started and redeem your code here

This discounted fee will be valid on all Singapore-issued Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay credit cards, and will be available on all personal user payments, including rent, insurance, education fees, helper salary and more! 

Terms and conditions can be found here.


How much additional savings am I getting?

For you to enjoy this discounted fee, all you have to do is to input the promo code GET225 upon setting up your payments. 

If you have an existing payment scheduled (both one-off and recurring) - you do not need to cancel your payments to enjoy this promotion! Simply edit your payments to add the promo code to them - it’s as easy as a few clicks! 

You now get even more savings and earn more rewards out of your spend. Here’s an example of how much more you could be earning:

✈️ If you are using an air miles card

If you are using a card that earns you 1.4 miles per dollar:

2.25 BP Table1

Before, you would have paid approximately $1,700 to get a flight worth almost $4,000. With this promotion, you now save a further $230 - making it a total of 63% in savings! Get started here >


> Looking for the best air miles card to use on CardUp? See what we recommend here!

💰 If you are using a cashback card

If you are using a cashback card that earns you 5% cashback on your spend:

2.25 BP Table2

By just taking a few minutes to set up your payment (or even less to edit your existing ones), you can now earn 15% more cashback than you normally would have! 

> What are some other cashback cards you could be using on CardUp? See the list here!


CardUp 2.25% fee for all personal rent, insurance, school fees, helper salary, mcst condo fee, income tax, car loan, season parking payments

What does this mean for you?

To all our current users, we thank you for your continued support. We hope this discounted fee is welcome news to you, and that you’ll continue recommending our platform to your friends and family members, helping everyone make their big payments rewarding.

For anyone else who have considered using CardUp in the past, enjoying the freedom of card payments has never been easier that it is now.

Sign up for your free account now and enjoy the freedom of card payments, wherever you choose! 


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