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Rewards calculator: Calculate how much you can save with CardUp!

The CardUp Team Feb 28, 2020 1:51:42 PM
New benefits calculator - calculate how much you could be saving with CardUp!

As savvy credit card users, we are always looking for means and ways to maximise our day-to-day spend - such as dining, travel, transport (as well as any ongoing promotions!

For the majority of our big expenses however, there is little to no card acceptance, or are typically excluded from earning rewards. This is also why CardUp users enjoy using our platform, which lets them shift these payments onto their credit cards.

This way, even payments such as rental, insurance, taxes, helper salaries, education fees and more would be eligible for rewards on your favourite cards. 

Here’s a list of popular payment types on our platform.

  • Additionally, for businesses:
    • Payroll
    • Supplier invoices
    • Business services
    • Corporate taxes

In order for you to glean more insights into exactly how much you could be saving and earning from shifting these payments onto your cards, we’ve also recently relaunched our benefits calculator! It lets you see, at a glance, how your projected spend translates into rewards - here’s how it works:


How much miles can I earn with CardUp?


✈️ For miles card users:

Step 1: Select 'Miles' and payment frequency

Select whether you make ‘monthly’ or ‘annual’ payments. The amount you input into each field will automatically be tabulated (multiplied or divided by 12) if you toggle between the selectors!

Step 2: Key in your payment amounts

Input the payment amounts into each of these payment types. Note that these fields are not exhaustive, and there are more payments that can be put onto CardUp as well! 

Note: You can set up your income tax payments on CardUp as either a one-off payment, or as monthly recurring payments. Ensure that you have set up an existing GIRO instalment plan with IRAS if you would like to make monthly income tax payments through CardUp. Find out more information here.


New Miles-1

Step 3: Total spending is tabulated

Your annual spend, and corresponding CardUp fee will be calculated here automatically, and summed up under ‘Total Spent’.

Note: The CardUp fee is at 2.25% for all Singapore-issued Visa and Mastercard cards, and 2.6% for all American Express Cards. Note that all fees in this calculator are calculated based on a 2.25% fee for simplicity and consistency


New Miles-2


Learn more about our 2.25% fees

Step 4: Select your air miles credit card

Select your favourite miles card from the dropdown selector. All payments made through CardUp are eligible for the base miles earned on these credit cards, no matter the payment type you are making (including insurance, taxes and more)!


New Miles-3


Step 5: Select your flight redemption!

Here, you are able to select the destination you’d like to fly to, and on which flight class! The destinations and flight class available for selection are based on your total miles earned.

You will also have an indication of how much these flights are worth (based on the average Singapore Airlines ticket prices across a year), and how many miles are required for this redemption.


New Miles-4


Step 6: See how much you are saving

Your total flight savings are calculated as such: the actual CardUp fees required to earn the miles required for the flight, deducted from the total worth of the flights. You will also have an indication of how many air miles you have remaining after this redemption. 


New Miles-5


There are cases where the flight redemptions are not available and you face this message:

You can consider using cashback cards on CardUp instead!

This simply means that the miles earned from your CardUp spend alone might not be sufficient to redeem any business or first class flights, but don’t forget that you will also be racking up air miles from your other day-to-day spend! Find the perfect combination of spend to maximise the most air miles! 


How much cashback can I earn with CardUp?


💰 For cashback card users:

Step 1: Select 'Cashback' on the toggle

Step 2: Indicate your spend

While CardUp spend is eligible for the base cashback rate for all cashback credit cards (with the exception of the HSBC Advance Credit Card and UOB One Credit Card), here we highlight three of the most popular cashback cards used on our platform:
  1. Bank of China Family Card
  2. Maybank Platinum Visa Card

Select on the toggle your monthly spend on each of these cards. For each of these cards, there will be a stage on the toggle where ‘MAXIMUM SAVINGS’ will be marked - this is the optimal spend amount at which your cashback will be maximised! 


I make monthly payments on Bank of China Family card or Maybank Platinum Visa card

Note: The CardUp fee is at 2.25% for all Singapore-issued Visa and Mastercard cards, and 2.6% for all American Express Cards. Note that all fees in this calculator are calculated based on a 2.25% fee for simplicity and consistency


Step 3: See how much you are saving

On the right side, you will see in real time how much cashback this monthly spend will earn you each year, and the net savings after deducting the CardUp fee.

The total savings are also summed up at the bottom, letting you see how much total net savings you could be earning per year if you are using each of these cards - up to $880 per year! 


Annual cashback savings



We always seek to make it easy for our users to understand the value they can be getting from using our payment platform - and we hope this rewards calculator comes in handy for you! 

Feel free to get in touch should you have any feedback or suggestions for our rewards calculator.

Calculate how much you can be earning with our new rewards calculator!

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