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Japandi Now, Fly Later (Renovate with your Credit Card!)

The CardUp Team Jun 26, 2024 9:59:20 AM
Japandi Now, Fly Later (Renovate with your Credit Card!)

Amidst countless east-meets-west fusion fads (and flops), everybody's jumping on the Japandi bandwagon these days and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.


What is Japandi?

Japandi is a design style that blends elements of Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian design principles. It combines the simplicity, functionality, and clean lines characteristic of Scandinavian design with the warmth, natural materials, and traditional craftsmanship associated with Japanese aesthetics.


How to achieve the Japandi look?

If the above appeals to you, kickstart your renovation with these interior design firms who have experimented and created these Japandi homes, from zen-like arrangements of decorative elements to indoor plants, particularly bonsai trees or bamboo.

We've partnered with Qanvast to highlight these interior design firms in Singapore that can help you design your dream Japandi home.


1. Harmonising earthy tones and wood furnishings with minimalist decor

2024 trending Japandi home design

Embrace the tranquility of earthy tones and the warmth of wooden furniture, perfectly complemented by minimalist décor with subtle yet refined details. Design by Hoft.


2. Natural textures with botanical arrangements

2024 trending Japandi home design

Immerse yourself in the serenity of natural textures, where botanical arrangements thrive amidst the gentle glow of pendant lights, casting soft, diffused illumination. Opt for rattan or bamboo furniture to complement the look. Design by Inspired 90s.


3. Scandinavian-influenced functional decor with handcrafted accents

2024 trending Japandi home design

Discover the essence of Scandinavian-inspired functional decor, where practicality meets elegance. From functional storage solutions inspired by Scandinavian design principles to wall-mounted racks, every detail is meticulously crafted. Enhance the ambiance with handmade pottery or ceramics in organic shapes, adding warmth and character to your space. Design by Forefront Interior.


4. Emphasized natural lighting with thematic warm brown and subtle blue accent

2024 trending Japandi home design

Step into a realm where natural lighting takes center stage, accentuating thematic warm browns and subtle blue hues that evoke calmness and tranquility. Feel the embrace of natural light streaming through strategically placed windows, as hygge-inspired cozy textiles add layers of comfort and charm. Design by MAD About Design.


Excited for your Japandi-inspired home makeover? With these reliable interior design professionals by your side, creating your dream space is a breeze. And hey, why not make paying for your renovation a win-win with CardUp? 

All you need to do is shift your renovation bills to your credit card and rack up those useful air miles, points and cashback via CardUp. It’s like turning your renovation into a stylish savings spree or a business class flight at less than half the price!

How CardUp works

  • You can pay any Interior Design Firms/Contractors via CardUp even if they don’t accept credit cards or have a CardUp account. 
  • We’ll charge your credit card and your recipient will receive the payment via bank transfer.

Ready to kickstart your journey?

  • Sign up for a free CardUp account here to start earning credit card rewards from your renovation payments.

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Special thanks to Qanvast for contributing to this article.

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