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Pros and Cons of payment collection methods in Singapore

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Enjoy even more savings with 2.25% fees for your payments!

CardUp started in 2016 with the vision of enabling you, our users, to shift your large, recurring payments onto your favourite credit cards. Over the years, we’ve focused on..

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COVID-19 Business Support Package for cash conservation

This is an extraordinary time for all of us, with an unprecedented pandemic affecting individuals, companies and entire countries across the world. While this has brought about a..

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Business Transformation: Transiting smoothly into the new normal

The ever-evolving pandemic situation has and will continue to, put companies all around the world in unprecedented circumstances. Companies across industries have all had to go..

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Reduced fees for business rent in this period of uncertainty

COVID-19 has brought about a time of uncertainty for Singapore and countries all around the world. All businesses in the local and global economies have been affected to some..

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Summary: Cardtech’s future through the lens of CardUp CEO Nicki Ramsay

In a conversation with Digfin’s James DiBiasio, CardUp Chief Executive Officer Nicki Ramsay gave a roundup on how the evolution in tech companies is bolstering credit-card usage..

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