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Save Over 59% On Your Next Flight By Earning Air Miles with CardUp

The CardUp Team Dec 13, 2023 6:57:04 PM

In our fast-paced modern world, it seems like we're always juggling a steady stream of monthly financial responsibilities. Whether it's rent or mortgage, utility bills, car loans, and other essential expenses, managing our finances can feel like an endless task.

Introducing CardUp, the platform that allows you to earn credit card rewards on non-card expenses - helping you earn rewards faster! Let's discover how our platform can transform your everyday expenses into thrilling opportunities for savings and adventure. 

An alternative holiday savings tool

Emma and her family have had their sights set on Bali, Indonesia for their first holiday abroad. However, she found herself facing the age-old dilemma – how to earn miles faster without drastically changing her spending habits. 

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Meet Emma

CardUp helps you dive into exciting family adventures without the weight of immediate financial stress on your shoulders!"


Sassy Mama
Editorial Team

That's when Emma stumbled upon a game-changer that would soon become the catalyst for her journey to Bali, all while making her non-card expenses work in her favour. She realised she could earn miles faster than ever by using CardUp to pay her big monthly bills - let's look at her bills: 

Types of payments you can make on CardUp

She has been consistently paying S$7,500 via bank transfer every month, but has been missing out on the credit card rewards she rightfully deserves

She simply charges these payments to her credit card via CardUp, and let's CardUp transfer the funds to her recipients via bank transfer. She gets the benefit of using her favourite card credit and her recipients get paid like normal. Plus, they don't even need to know about or use CardUp! 


Maximising credit card benefits 

By shifting all these large expenses to her credit card, Emma also enjoys additional benefits that her card provides and lifts the weight of the immediate financial stress off her shoulders.

By using CardUp, Emma can maximise her credit card payments by earning rewards like air miles, cashback, and points. Plus, she can enjoy deferring her payment terms until her card bill is due and schedule up to a year's worth of payments with CardUp's advance scheduling. 

Benefits you'll get

What did she get in return? 

Her monthly spend totaled up to S$90,000 in annual spend, and earned Emma over 128,330 air miles! It's time for Emma's vacation to Bali, Indonesia! 

This means Emma's able to save S$2,379 (a whooping 59% saving!) on her flight ticket, and she still has over 2,330 air miles left for her next exciting journey!

Emma did pay a small CardUp processing fee but that was to enable her to earn rewards on expenses that typically don't accept credit cards. The rewards earned can easily outweigh the fee, which is why Emma gets to enjoy 59% off her flight cost by redeeming the air miles earned from the payments she made on CardUp.

CU Time to fly to Bali

What's more? To enjoy more savings, Emma introduces CardUp to all her friends through the CardUp Referral Programme, to enjoy payments on CardUp with as low as 1.3% processing fees.


Don't get left behind

Whether you want to travel around the world or are simply looking to maximise your credit card rewards, CardUp is here to help you unlock the benefits of your credit card. You can now shift your large or recurring expenses onto your existing credit card using CardUp. This includes expenses that traditionally couldn't be paid by card, or where rewards couldn't be earned. 

Need to make these payments?

It's your turn to use CardUp!
Why not shift it to CardUp? It's time to unlock the full potential of your credit card rewards and treat yourself to an epic travel adventure - you've earned it! 

"You're already paying for these big tickets and recurring expenses (probably by bank transfer or cash), so why not pay with CardUp and earn miles in the process that can be redeemed for your next family trip?"


Editorial Team

Use our calculator to calculate rewards on your favourite cards
You can use CardUp's rewards calculator to quickly assess how many miles you can earn, the fees involved, and the potential savings for these anticipated expenses. 

Ready to save on your next getaway like Emma? 

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View full infographic  Check out our infographic

*Figures are for illustrative purpose, actual ticket cost and redemption rate may vary.

1. The illustration uses UOB PRVI Miles 1.4 miles per dollar earn rate

2. CardUp charges a small fee per transaction to enable you to earn card rewards on payments that don’t traditionally accept cards. Visit our pricing page for the latest promotion fees.

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