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Ultimate credit card growth hack to maximise business cash flow in 2022

The CardUp Team May 10, 2022 10:11:58 AM
SME owners monitoring payments easily on CardUp through their smartphone

2022 is the right time to push for growth with the economy reopening and trade resuming. While 2022 shines a light on the multiple opportunities for business growth, internally, many businesses have increasing operational and resource concerns about meeting the new increase in demand. Some of the concerns highlighted include:

  1. Is our current inventory able to meet the demand?
  2. Do we have sufficient manpower to do the job?
  3. Are we able to ensure a steady cash flow?


Overcoming cash flow uncertainties

Admittedly, cash flow uncertainty is the main driver of inventory and manpower concerns, especially with the foreseeable increase in payment activity that comes with growth. While business and working capital loans are prominent financing options, their interest rates are high and may not be financially optimal for smaller businesses.


Embracing new and smarter solution

There are thousands of businesses who have found a hack to steadier cash flow that's beyond traditional methods. It's time to let you in on their secret. They are leveraging smarter solutions that kill more than 2 birds with 1 stone — it improves their cash flow while automating processes. With better cash flow and more time, they are able to focus efforts on seizing growth opportunities.


Here’s why successful SME businesses are using CardUp

CardUp is a unique accounts payable and receivable platform that enable businesses to leverage credit card payments, in places where cards are usually not accepted. In other words, businesses get to pay and get paid by credit card and manage all payments through a smart platform.


1. Free up cash by making payments by credit card

Free up cash by shifting payables onto your credit card. Through CardUp, your business can now pay large expenses by credit card and earn rewards on them, even in places where cards are not excepted — i.e. payments such as rent, supplier invoices, payroll, and more. While your recipient gets paid on time, you only pay when your card bill is due up to 2 months later. In the meantime, you get more cash on hand to invest in growth.


2. Get paid faster by collecting digital payments (without integration)

How to get customers to pay you on time? Late payments are one of the main causes for cash flow issues and to many businesses, it’s not within their control. CardUp Collect was developed as a smart receivable solution to help businesses get paid faster, simply by enabling businesses to accept credit card and PayNow payments, without integration and at low to no cost. Customers can now earn card rewards on those payments and also defer the payment by up to 2 months. The payment is done easily via a payment link.


3. Automate your processes and minimise busy work

Chasing for late payments is a waste of your team’s precious time and so is manually paying and tracking individual payments. CardUp allows your team to complete payment tasks automatically so that your team can focus on more impactful work.

  1. Making payments
    • Turn your physical invoices into digital-ready payments with just a few clicks
    • Make multiple payments to recipients all at one go
    • Set up automatic recurring payments on your card and pay off all in a consolidated bill every month.
  2. Collecting payments
    • Upload and manage all customer invoices on CardUp platform. Share easily.
    • Create customised payment links and request payment easily via email, SMS or via a URL
    • Automatic payment reminders can be sent to customers
  3. Track
    • Manage all past and upcoming payments on a single dashboard
    • View all payment statuses
    • Integrate with your existing tools such as Xero for seamless reconciliation

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