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5 things to consider while choosing a payment platform

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Collecting payments via PayNow on CardUp

We all know how easy it is to use a cell phone and transfer your funds just by one-time registration of your mobile number with PayNow. It is fast, secure and available not only..

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Ultimate credit card growth hack to maximise business cash flow in 2022

2022 is the right time to push for growth with the economy reopening and trade resuming. While 2022 shines a light on the multiple opportunities for business growth, internally,..

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Using credit cards for your company's payroll

For any business, payroll makes up a sizeable portion of monthly overheads, ranging anywhere from 20% to 30% of a business’ expenses. Yet, when a business experiences a cash flow..

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5 benefits of using credit cards for your business payments

As a business owner, besides responsibilities such as driving operational efficiency, business growth, digital productivity etc, it also comes with its own set of challenges, such..

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The all-in-one guide to collecting payments online with CardUp

Delayed payments are a big pain for businesses.This issue plagues about 60% of all SMEs in Singapore and is a big worry for many companies. When left unchecked,delayed payments..

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