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By The CardUp Team On April 18, 2019

Earn card rewards by paying your stamp duty through CardUp!

Buying a property is an exciting process - the excitement of picking out a neighbourhood, the delight of visiting showrooms or...

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By The CardUp Team On April 16, 2019

Why paying your income tax with your credit card via CardUp is the way to go this fiscal year

The tax season is upon us and many of us are all aware of the many different methods available to pay our annual income tax....

5 min read

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By The CardUp Team On April 13, 2019

5 things expats need to know about renting a home in Singapore

If you’re new to Singapore, there are many things about our housing market that may surprise you. Before you decide to rent,...

3 min read

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By The CardUp Team On April 5, 2019

5 warning signs of an upcoming cash flow crunch

Many business owners start with a great idea, and they put their capital into establishing and growing their business. At the...

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By The CardUp Team On March 30, 2019

How do you determine the value of an air mile?

If you know how to play the air miles game, it can be worth thousands of dollars to you every year. In addition to having the...

7 min read
By The CardUp Team On March 27, 2019

Scheduling Next Day payments on CardUp

Time is every business owner’s most valuable resource.

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