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CardUp Blog: Savings & Rewards (6)


Earn card rewards by paying your stamp duty through CardUp!

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Pay less than half the price for business class company flights!

Flying for work can be tiring at times. With packed schedules and meetings planned throughout the trip, it is no wonder most businesses opt for a business class flight for their..

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How to Get More Out of Your Company-Paid Expenses Using Your Credit Cards

A version of this article first appeared on

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5 Tricks You Need To Know To Score Cheaper Flights

This article first appeared on iMoney.SG.

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Are you getting EVERYTHING out of your credit card for your business? Here are 25 hidden benefits.

Running a small or mid-sized business often depends upon having enough credit to fund your business when cash is tight. When they start out, many businesses owners use personal..

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Here’s how you can fly business class for less than half the price!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a long haul flight and not worry about cramped seats, somebody’s elbow in your side and a lack of proper food options? We’ve..

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