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pay domestic helper salary with credit card

Paying your helper’s salary with your credit card through CardUp

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Paying your electricity bills with your credit card through CardUp

Electricity powers our lives, but that doesn't mean we should be paying an arm and a leg for it. While there might have been a number of price hikes recently due to the increasing..

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Collecting payments via PayNow on CardUp

We all know how easy it is to use a cell phone and transfer your funds just by one-time registration of your mobile number with PayNow. It is fast, secure and available not only..

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CardUp 101: What can I pay with my credit card on CardUp?

Two of the most frequently-asked questions we receive are “What can I pay with CardUp?” and “Who can I pay with CardUp?”. Here's our answers in short:

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Paying education fees with your credit card through CardUp

Even with the rising costs of education, many of us still see its importance as a worthy investment. From pre-schools to post-graduate education to everything in between, there..

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Ultimate credit card growth hack to maximise business cash flow in 2022

2022 is the right time to push for growth with the economy reopening and trade resuming. While 2022 shines a light on the multiple opportunities for business growth, internally,..

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